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Ciao everyone!
 I hope you are having (or are about to have, or have just had) a fantastically marvelous day!
Just in case you are wondering, you have just found a blog by a lady who would like you to know three very important things:
1.) Christ Jesus is the Lord and Savior of all who believe in Him for their salvation.
2.) If you told me to choose the two things I would list as the most basic necessities, I would indefinitely reply that they are Christ and Cocoa... 
3.) I am grateful for your visit today and hope you may find something useful here... whether it be a smile or a recipe or idea or encouragement or something like that :)

(for more info about this blog and specific things, you can go to the post at this link:

Now, for the sake of keeping things in a straight line and un-confusing, I had attempted to run this blog on an actual schedule... but as weeks went by trying to constantly be faithful to that, I realized that I am a college student with a job and a trillion other responsibilities/things to do every day... and not even a blogging schedule could keep me from being so hodgey-podgey.

So, instead, I'll just be posting as often as thoughts explode from my head and have a moment to make it into a post:) Keep an eye out for posts in these kinds of categories:

-a random fact and stuff about it, or a random item and facts about it, because that's intriguing...leading up to a writing prompt, for those who may benefit from that
-a link to music, because that's a great thing
-a poem or review of a book or a quote
-something funny 
-a cool thing, a crafty thing, or a memory

Hopefully that will work... :)

And so! That is all. Really I am not expecting many to find this, or claim this as such a wonderful website as youtube or biblegateway or or But if you find even one thing of interest, and were made happier by it, that would make me a happy person as well.  
Ciao for now!
           ~The Red Lady~

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