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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Beginning

Ciao everyone!
 I hope you are having (or are about to have, or have just had) a fantastically marvelous day!

Just in case you are wondering, you have just found a blog by a lady who would like you to know three very important things:

1.) Christ Jesus is the Lord and Savior of all who believe in Him for their salvation.

2.) If you told me to choose the two things i would list as the most basic necessities, i would indefinitely reply that they are Christ and Dark Chocolate... 

3.) I am grateful for your visit today and hope you may find something useful here... whether it be a smile or a recipe or idea or encouragement or something like that :)

This blog was created to include a few different types of posts, as somewhat implied earlier...
-crazy recipes of varying ingredients, ranging from carrots to cocoa....but mostly cocoa...... ;)
-pictures that are fan-freakin-tastic.......because what would a good blog be without some of those?
-a few poems and such things that i may have written.... unless it's by Emily Dickinson- in which case, i definitely did not write that. But it's great. So you should totally read it:)
-Scripture that the Lord has brought to the forefront of my sights, for whatever His purposes may be... 

And so! That is all. Really I am not expecting many to find this, or claim this as such a wonderful website as youtube or biblegateway or or But if you find even 1 thing of interest, and were made happier by it, that would make me a happy person as well.  

Ciao for now!

           ~The Red Lady~


  1. Hi Sam!! It is such an honor to be the first to post a comment on your brand new blog!! What a world this is..... my own daughter has a "blog"!!??!! And just think.... when I was a youngster we didn't have a microwave or color TV!!! Have fun with your blogging! And God bless, protect and guide you in all your new adventures!
    Love, Mom

  2. From Papabear
    Philemon 1:4,5
    I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers because I hear about your love for all his holy people and your faith in the Lord Jesus.