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Sunday, December 16, 2012

An Adventure in December

Ciao everyone!

I have another story for you:)

This one is about an adventure my sister and I took on Saturday<3

Oh, the places you'll find when you give yourself time to wander...even if the city is only 30 minutes from your hometown!

Our morning started nicely, with getting ready to journey to the New Smyrna Beach farmer's market. They had so many lovely things there, from soaps to wild honey to delicious coffee.

When I say delicious, I mean YUMMY LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE HAD BEFORE.

Plus, it was organic. And the older couple at the tent were super sweet:)

But my favorite part, after journeying through a kettle korn stand and dipping it in a sample of agave-sweetened peach jam was THE SWISS BAKER.

If you're ever in New Smyrna on a Saturday morning, please go visit him!

Organic, vegan, healthful treats that are just insane.

After choosing a great smelling loaf of bread, buying two tangelos, and re-visiting the coffee stand, we took out provisions and journeyed to the beach.

It was a lovely picnic, including the nuts I always keep on hand for adventure power-snack time.

 Then we went for a walk and found many beautiful jewels from the sea, but there will be more on that in a later post.... Just look for one called "Sea-Jewel Gifts"... ;)

And theeen we found a funny little shop, with many interesting things from epic ship replicas to the funniest cake candle holder I've ever seen...

 And finally! We came home, I started preparing for a party (which I brought chocolate pudding pie cups to... which will be the next post! :] ), while my sister decorated the cutest snowman sugar cookies ever:)

Now it's your turn. Go on an adventure. Explore. Be free. Be fantastic. :)

Ciao for now.

-The Red Lady-

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