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Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Blogging Schedule

Ciao everyone!!

Did you know, apparently, there are tons of statistics and studies proving the benefits of organizing in even just one part of your life?

I would cite them.. but that would require finding them all first:P

And I would much rather just not take so much of your time and get right to the point of this post!

I am (finally) creating a schedule for when posts will be put up.

Partially because I get confused and inconsistent without a goal/plan.

Partially because it would be easier for you as a reader to follow anything at all with implementing a schedule-y type situation.

And partially as a shout out for the sake of all those statistic makers out there.. who I will probably never read about, but it's nice to see your name in a shout out, so they get a shout out today:)

(How weird does the phrase "shout out" look to you now?? It's sounds so weird in my brains).

So, for now, I'm gonna try this:

-Mondays, a random fact and stuff about it, or a random item and facts about it, because that's intriguing...leading up to a writing prompt, for those who may benefit from that
-Tuesdays, a recipe:)
-Wednesdays, a link to music, because that's a great thing
-Thursdays, a poem or review of a book
-Fridays, another recipe!!:)
-Saturdays, something funny 
-Sundays, a cool thing, a crafty thing, or a memory

Hopefully that makes everyone's lives better. :)

Ciao for now

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