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Monday, June 24, 2013


Ciao everyone!

Alright, so here's the deal.

Chocolate, chocolatey chocolate. Chocolate chocolate chocolate.


How incredibly lovely that line looks...

Now, here's the rest of the deal...

Cocoa, in it's purest forms, is remarkably healthful.

Also, I've had a strangely chocolatey day. Like it kept coming up at weird times.

Like.. I talked about it with a friend. It was the trivia topic at work (we have a daily trivia board, so new trivia questions are always a relevant topic). I got two e-mails today related to chocolate-information. I had an energy bar... that had cocoa in it. And, to finish the day... cocoa in my protein shake.

I think it's a sign.

So, since today (in my summer goal of posting-ness) is the day for a random post, would you like to guess the topic??


Here are some trivia questions for you to muse over:) (The answers will be at the very bottom, so that you can actually guess before getting there!)

1) What is the only U.S. state that grows cacao trees for chocolate making?
2) Chocolate's scientific name is Theobroma cacao- What does Theobrama mean in Latin?
3) Which country has the Valentine's day tradition of "Giri Choco"? (A tradition in which the women must give chocolate, no matter how inexpensive, to all men in their lives)
4)  In 1875, Thomas Jefferson wrote to whom, making a declaration about chocolate's superiority over tea or coffee for both health and nourishment?
5)  Ruth Wakefield worked with her husband in an inn in the early 1900's. She loved to experiment in the kitchen. One day, she decided to put chunks of chocolate into a classic dessert recipe, which has become a classic recipe to every kitchen in America. What did she invent? (Bonus: What was the name of the Inn?)

Now, here are some awesome health-facts about cocoa and dark chocolate<3
  • helps improve cardiovascular health and blood pressure/blood circulation
  • improves cholesterol (raises HDL while lowering LDL)
  • contains anti--depressant and euphoric effects, due to tryptophan content
  • contains stimulant effects, due to theobromine
  • rich in magnesium, sulfur, copper, and vitamin C
  • also a great source of iron, potassium, calcium, and zinc
  • super source of antioxidants:)
  • encourages well-being and longevity
Well, that's all I got for yous today:)

Writing prompt for the day:
The perfect day

Ciao for now

Answers to trivia:
1- Hawaii
2-  Food of the gods
3- Japan
4--John Adams
5- Chocolate Chip Cookies (Toll House Inn)

P.S.....That chocolate is the And the cocoa powder picture above is in use in my house daily. Great stuff<3 An easy tip for incorporating pure  cocoa in your day: Have a protein shake (or just glass of non dairy milk) and stir it in, along with some agave or honey... stir stir stir, and eventially it will combine;) (Not that there's anything wrong with leaving some cocoa pieces on top...that's my favorite part!!!!!!! :] )

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