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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Luscious Lettuce Shake

Ciao everyone!!

Here is another power shake for you!

The interesting thing about this one is that the powerful flavors are so unique, yet work nicely together... anything more would be too much, but anything less simply wouldn't make the luscious flavor that arises from this recipe!

Luscious Lettuce Shake
1 serving-scoop of Fruitein Luscious Blue Fruit protein powder
1 scoop chia seeds
2 tablespoons honey tahini (or, 1 tablespoon tahini and 1 tablespoon honey or agave)
Lots of lettuce (any variety
Ice (if you like a cold smoothie)
1) Stuff blender cup with lettuce and add some water. Blend. Add water as needed until all lettuce is a juice.
2) Add protein, seeds, and tahini/honey; blend until combined. 
3) Add more lettuce until you have the amount you like. Add water if it needs to be thinner. Add ice if it needs to be colder:)
Ciao for now!

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