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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lucky Leprechaun

Ciao Everyone!

Today was a day of many discoveries....

Found out an imaginary girl does exist....

Found out that EVERYTHING is awesomer with a Brooklyn accent....

Found out (for the millionth time....although somehow I forget the lesson occasionally...) that when I   find the great need to complain, God is faithful to put me back in shape, using humor, my own stupidity, roads that never existed before, and roads that suddenly seem endless. Then He brings me right where He wants me. And suddenly shutting up and listening is such a beautiful idea....
Found out that avocados make delicious vanilla custard smoothies....

Wait.... Say WHAT?! 
 (Yeah, I heard you)

But guess what...I also found out why avocados work in smoothies.... There is really only one explanation. It is a simple work of MAGIC. And that is my story, which I shall be sticking to. 

In any event, I know you would never want to neglect a bit of magic in your day, which is exactly why you are walking around your kitchen right now and gathering the ingredients to make this deliciousness. (Yeah, I see you.. ;) )
Lucky Leprechaun Smoothie
(An original creation)
1 hass avocado (although it works quite efficiently with a half an avocado; will just not be as thick)
1 scoop (about 20.5g) sweet vanilla flavored protein powder (rainbow light brand is really great)
1 cup vanilla almond milk
1/2 cup (ish) crushed ice 
1/3 cup (ish) water
Optional: agave nectar or stevia or truvia

 1.) Pour all ingredients into a blender. 
 2.) Blend it all up very well.
 3.) Taste it and decide if it's perfect or if you want it more smoothie like (add milk), colder (add ice), sweeter (add agave or another sweetener), or thinner (add water).
 4.) Enjoy! ( with the flavor! Part of the magic here is that it can truly adapt to any taste you feel like on any given day!!!! Here are some ideas for additions, which I will probably be adding to from time-to-time. However, let it be known that on it's own, it really does taste like a vanilla custard smoothie.. very very delcious..)

Other Flavor Add-Ins (which you can play around with/combine/create):
-pure vanilla extract
-almond extract
-agave nectar

Favorite Combinations Thus Far:
-Lucky Leprechaun with agave + cinnamon + almond extract
-Lucky Leprechaun with almond extract + cherry extract + lemon juice or lemon extract + a few                                                 drops of agave nectar + dash of ginger

Ciao for now:)

-The Red Lady-

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