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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Christmas Candy & Dessert Quiz!

Ciao Everyone!!!

I love reorganizing... Don't you?!? So many ridiculous, hilarious, sweet, or insane memories inevitably come to light every time!!

(In all honesty, I am literally sitting here laughing out loud right now just thinking about them all...which is making me look much more insane...which is not verily abnormal for me, just adding another level of levity to the situation!)

Today I found an old game from some Christmas party that took place x amount of years ago, and it is just plain silly.

Aaaand so! I would like to share it with you:)

Now you may be thinking "What on earth is going on! This is August! What authority does this nonesensical girl think she has, posting all kinds of crazy things about festive activities!?"

Well... none. But to be quite frank, every day could use a bit of Christmas spirit (in my opinion).
Therefore, I hope this silly little quiz spreads a sprinkle of Christmas cheer on your Today:)

Christmas Candy & Dessert Quiz
1.) Super-Sweet Thumb Ornaments

2.) Newton's Goopy

3.) A Middle-Linebacker Wearing a Tu-Tu

4.) Maraschino Dippers

5.) A Band of Frequently Active Sidewalk Artists Nicknamed "Rolled Gold"

6.)  Shrapnel From the Realms of Glory

7.) They Consider Candy To Be a Fashion Statement

8.) Evergreen Epidermis of the Pink Variety

9.) What Helps a Baby Chicken Come Out of It's Shell

Word Bank:
Egg Nog
Sugar Plums
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Ginger Bread Cookies
Figgy Pudding
Chocolate Pretzels
Peppermint Bark

Ciao for now!!!
-The Red Lady-

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