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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Red Lady's Love

Ciao Everyonnnnne<3

CRAZY day.

Like super crazy.

If you've ever been to Florida, then you understand the pain found in the following sentence:

I drove to Orlando from Daytona (and back within a 5 hour period) on I-4, in the torrential downpour of a biased rainstorm.


But guess what!

I did get to skip from my college class to the parking garage while it rained......and simultaneously sing "singin in the rain"!!!

Except I only got 1/3 of the way there after singing the song 3 times through...

And then the rain got worse...

So I took cover in the Physical Science building.

Felt like a stinkin' fish in the wrong lake.

But that didn't matter to the very kind guy who was also taking cover there.

Except he actually belonged to the breed who understand the classes taught in that realm.

It was a very nice conversation, though, about security buildings, writing, The Beatles, and the importance of loving what you do. I got to share my desire to give God the glory for all things, and why that affects my love for doing anything. He thought that was interesting.

Then I ran in a very organized fashion from building to building on the general path toward the garage my car was waiting for me in...

Met some more fascinating people.

Although I will note that somehow, every building between Phys. Science and Garage C had to do with science or math of some sort or another.

Definitely wasn't even understanding the posts on the walls of those buildings... :P

Oh well.... I'll just stick to writing about how much I disgust those subjects...

With an equally great appreciation for those whom God has given the blessed ability to understand (and furthermore, desire to pursue) those subjects.

Very grateful indeed.


I have a present for you:)

The Red Lady's Love Smoothie<3
As you may have guessed by the title, it's pretty much the best things ever, in smoothie form<3
And now, you may go and make it and be just as happy:)
(P.S. The strange cup is my blender cup, because it was a busy day and so it came with me:] Joy-to-go! haha)

3/4 cup chocolate almond milk
3/4 cup mixed berries (frozen berries work awesomely!)
1/2 frozen banana
Heaping tablespoon cocoa powder
Optional: your favorite protein powder
Not optional if you're like me: whipped cream:)

1.) Blend all ingredients (except whipped cream) in a blender.
2.) Add water as needed until consistency suits your fancy.
3.) Add whipped cream (and a straw).
4.) Enjoy!!

Ciao for now!

-The Red Lady-

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