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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Carrot Noodles

Ciao everyone!

Sometimes the best things in life take time and patience and involvement and commitment, but you know in the end all of your hard work for one specific purpose will be worth it...

Aaaand then sometimes, things are crazy simple and have way more than one purpose and lend themselves to creativity...

...Like carrot noodles!!!!!!! :)

 I know, that sounds silly, and maybe slightly strange, and  probably suspicious...

But they are also delicious ;)

And beautifully simple.

Carrot Noodles
...That's it:P

1) Using a potato peeler, shred off the outer most layer of whole carrots and discard.
2) Continue to shred carrots in long peels into a bowl, until you're very close to the middle and you can't shred anymore.
3) Use in any way your creative heart desires:)

Here is what they look like plain:
When they are plain, they are really good as fun salad toppers.

Or you can have more fun, and do something like...

Sunshine Noodles

Carrot noodles
Diced pineapple
Plain yogurt
Optional: grilled chicken (not in the picture)

1) Add all ingredients to a bowl
2) Toss well
3) Enjoy:)

Orrr something more meal-ish, like this:

Carrot noodles
Grilled tilapia
Greek yogurt
Brown rice
Optional: crushed red pepper or black pepper

1) Add all desired ingredients to a bowl
2) Enjoy:)

If you can think of any other possibilities....go for it!

One I haven't tried yet could be pretty good is: carrot noodles, bbq sauce, and chicken... yum:)

I'll leave it in your hands now ;)

Ciao for now!

-The Red Lady-

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