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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chocolate Berry Bars

Ciao Everyone!!


Berries & Chocolate

Chocolate and Berries

Berries + Chocolate



I believe I have come to a conclusion.

There is no way you could ever possibly make that combination look anything less than marvelous<3

Especially if it's dark chocolate...

And the berries are.. well actually any of the berries..

Except perhaps wheatberries, but I've never tried them, and therefore am shooting blind there.

On second thought... EVERYTHING is better with dark chocolate. Probably even wheatberries;)

Chocolate Berry Bars
(Original creation)
Makes: 3-4 squares
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1/2 tablespoon cornstarch
1 scoop (about 20 g) of a sweet vanilla protein powder
about 1/2 tablespoon stevia (bakers bag)
1 oz unsweetened baker's chocolate
few drops pure vanilla extract
a little more stevia, to taste
optional: coconut flakes, cocoa powder 

1) Melt berries until smushable over high heat in small sauce pan.
2) Add cornstarch and lower to medium heat. Stir in completely.
3) Add protein powder, stevia, and any optional ingredients. Stir in.
4) Pour onto wax paper and mold into one log-shaped roll. Let sit for an hour to cool; wrap wax paper over top; refrigerate overnight.
5) Prepare a fresh sheet of wax paper and take out berry bar. Cut into 3-4 squares. 
6) Make chocolate: take 1 oz chocolate and melt in microwave on medium power (about 500 w of power) for 45 seconds; stir; repeat. Add vanilla and stevia to taste. Melt at half power again for about 25 seconds; stir.
7) Spread chocolate in square shapes on clean wax paper; place squares on top; spread the rest of melted chocolate over bars. Fold wax paper over it and let refrigerate for at least 10 hours.


Ciao for now!
-The Red Lady-

P.s., i take back my statement about "everything" is good with chocolate, because of the exception of lettuce. Just in case you ever wondered, lettuce is not good with chocolate;P

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