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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mnozil Brass

Ciao Everyone!

Do you like brass ensembles?

Like just to throw in a cd or cassette or put on a record or switch on an mp3??

I never did before.

No offense to brass players, of course.. in an orchestra for an event or service or play, I appreciate the contributions...

However, on their own... I just couldn't do it.

Then my music theory teacher introduced our class to Mnozil Brass.

I now love brass ensembles.

Right now you're thinking "Nope, not gonna watch this. Just because that Red Lady didn't like them but does now has nothing to do with me. Bet it's weird.."

No, that is gotta see these guys! It's INSANEEEEE! :o


Mnozil Brass playing Bohemian Rhapsody

Mnozil Brass playing the William Tell Overture

Mnozil Brass playing Awesome Music:)

Ciao for now
-The Red Lady-

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