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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blueberry Cake Batter Smoothie

Ciao everyone!!

 Have you ever heard of C.S. Lewis? If not, I advise that you go look him up immediately and then find all of his books and read them.

In my opinion, he is absolutely one of the top 5 authors of all time...

<--- This is a quote by him.

He was a Christian writer with the most curious mind; he invented other worlds where his characters lived, and was given the grace of many very wise thoughts on a multitude of subjects.

He's fantastic. :)

On another note, here is another smoothie recipe.

Seriously, it tastes just like the name describes.

Blueberry Cake Batter... in smoothie form.

Freaking blueberry cake batter.

And just so you know, I don't just mean any blueberry cake batter... I seriously thought the taste resembled a Dunkin' Donuts bluebrry cake donut. Or maybe Krispy Kreme...

Either way, it was CRAZY. And honestly, you need to have one. Like soon. Very soon.

 And then drive past your local donut shop and LAUGH. Out loud.

Because you have found the magic pixie dust version of their product.

And feeling AWESOME about it!
Blueberry Cake Batter Smoothie
makes-1 rockin' smoothie!

(P.S. please ignore the large peanuts jar in the back left of the pic... It was blue, 
so I decided not to bother getting it out of the image:P)

1 scoop of a good tasting vanilla flavored plant protein
½ cup vanilla almond milk
Good cup frozen blueberries
Good amount of water, until desired consistency reached
Optional: flax oil, for extra nutritional boost

Blend until happy with consistency of final product! Enjoy:)

Ciao for now:)

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  1. That sounds so good!