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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Samantha Registrato - Where They Meet

Ciao everyone!

I have a poem for you today..

But first, some pretty pictures from an adventure to the beach with my famiglia on mother's day!

The older picture is my mom, her sister, and then my grandma, because it's a great picture.

 The cute picture above is my silly, wonderful sister. And then, of course, God's beautiful heavens..

And then the one on the left is my dad and me:)

Then these two are just Mel and me... very typical day for us;)

 Last but not least, these are some random people on the beach, who I have a few pictures of, via my sister practicing her photographer skills with my cell phone:P

Now, on to the poem....

The poem came about during a college class a semester or two ago..

And it was the class that pretty much reaffirmed and helped me set in stone my extreme love for writing and creativity in such manners.

I hope you enjoy:)

Where They Meet
(original work by TheRedLady)

From over and then around by every angle

He watches with a quiet eye

At times, when humility dominates, he turns--

As if, by so doing, he hides

As every shy moment begins to fade away

He inches ever closer then

“Maybe”, he wonders, “she has also leant a thought—

Possibly, she may come again.”

Allowing hope to transform to speed

Unmatched by any other

He flew through every portal of space—

He would not fail or falter

He very well recalled the place

That he and she had chosen

And even now he saw her there—


From ‘mong the robes of heavens’ ware

He quietly descended

To meet his faithful lover sweet—

With purity attended

And once arrived

The two locked eyes

And glittering be—

The moon and sea

Ciao for now

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  1. Hi Sam.......I love your poem.......and your artistry! Love, Mom