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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby Shower Gifting

Ciao everyone!!

Do you know what's amazing?


And the way God has created them.

They are not just like every woman you see or interact with.. a mother is an entirely different category of personhood.

Of course, they too are women, but what I mean is... the way they are (their way of being) is some other variety of human-ness.

And it's awesome. And my mom is just like that.

And one cool thing about my mother is that she has one of the most creative minds I know of.

She has the ability to make any circumstance into an event, and make any event one that would rank at the top of all best events of its kind.

One way she does this is by her cleverness with words in making cards, and also how she puts together gifts for people.

And let me tell you, this example is one of many; all of which are just as ADORABLE.

Yes, she made up the idea for that stinkin adorable card on her own. No help from Google!

Generally she'll end up picking a theme for the gift, as it seems to come together. For this one, it was more about the homey aspect of mommy-hood.

This one actually ended up with quite a few things from the registry.. such as the basket, cloth diapers, two picture frames, etc.. and then she had to add in the monkey, because how could she not???:)

Also, the gifts she puts together are usually collective.. like she'll work with a few other people and then be able to take the collective funds to shop and put it all together, and put all the names on it! So much fun:)

Ciao for now!

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