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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Build a Garden

Ciao everyone!!

Have you ever tried gardening??

It can be some serious fun!! Put it on your summer to do list!

One reason it is so fun is because you have so many options of what to plant.. and then the beautiful matter of watching God take the works of your hands and grow them into actual living things!:)

Here are some ideas:

A table top garden can be full of different varieties of small fruits, starting vegetables, or herbs!!

Mine (to the right) currently has tomatoes, basil parsely, a blueberry plant, a garlic plant, lettuce, and dandelions! (The three pots in the back are not working out though, and the sweet peas, clovers, and cilantro are failing:/  Gotta try again!!! :] )

To plant garlic:

Seriously the easiest thing ever!! (Hence the choice of the specific directions.) Take a clove of garlic and rip the skin of the pointy part of the top. Plant into dirt, a little below the surface, with the pointy side upward. Eventually,  Green leaves will shoot out of the clove. When they all turn brown, then you can harvest a new bunch of cloves (now called the bulb of garlic). You can see mine in the pot at the bottom left of the picture----->


 Here is another idea! Plant a pineapple! When you buy the whole pineapple, just cut the top off, leaving a little bit of fruit. Rip/cut off a few of the bottomest leaves from the stem. Plant in a pot or in the ground and just water occasionally. The only downside to planting pineapple is that it will take 2-3 years for you to have a harvest of pineapple.. but just thing of how awesome that will be when you finally can!!:)

And a last thought, plant some beatiful flowers! Especially season-related flowers. The example shown here is a bunch my mom put together in celebration of the "America" holidays (memorial day, July fourth, etc). You can either leave them in pots in a more obvious place (as seen right), or plant them into the ground to last longer (as seen left)!

Ciao for now!

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