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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Very Green Shake

Ciao everyone!

What do you think of when you think "green"?

Grass? An old carpet? Someone's eyes? Money?

Well, then of course, there are the foodie's thoughts of green...

Avocados, spinach, hemp protein....etc.

So, today's recipe is for a nutritious shake using almost all green ingredinets:)

It can either be scary or fun, this I know... So let's go with fun.

Practice your St Patrick's day spirit. ;)

Very Green Shake
(use ingredients in whatever proportion/serving size you like)

Ingredients: (for 1)
Fresh spinach (several good handfuls)
Avocado (1/4 - 1/3)
Hemp protein powder (3 tablespoons)
Honey (1 tablespoon)
Ice cubes

1-Blend spinach with a little water. Blend more into it (that stuff dissappears after the first blending!)
2-Add other ingredients. Blend. Taste. Blend more of whatever you like :)

Ciao for now

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