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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Do Your Nails

Ciao everyone!

So sorry, but I suppose this is a girls-only post.. unless you're a really creative/artsy guy who wants an idea to try on a very bored day for your sister/girlfriend/wife, etc.. Hmm..

Well anyway, this is kind of a simple post.. more of an idea, really.

Let's start at the beginning.

It's summertime.

Therefore, for the most part, there is lot's of time to spend doing that which you love.. or would like to learn to love.. or have to learn to love (think summer school, summer jobs.. etc)..

But in the downtime, life can seem slow.

What should you do in this situation?

You should make a list of summer activities to do when there's nothing else to do.

So that is exactly what my sister and I did.. and it has been very fun to go get the list whenever we have an extra hour or two here and there.

A few days ago we did one of our list things..

And now her nails look pretty much awesome:)

She is very skilled in painting nails like it's nobody's buisness, and I just enjoy creativity.

Together we made..

 Feel free to use this post as an idea for the summer fun list, or the nail designs as something new to try:)

We just used a purple polish for the base, and a clear on top. Once very dry, go to town with a white and silver nail art paint bottle, and that's it:)

Ciao for now
And happy summer

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