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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jelly Shoes and Baskets and Bears, Oh My!!

Ciao everyone!!

OH MY GOODNESS today was a crazy day.

Like just bam bam bam, one thing after another!

Here is the whole story.

The day started nicely, with my morning walk. Had a lovely time in Revelations, via reading it off of my phone's lovely little NIV Bible app. And then I come home to find a package on the table with my name on it.... THE JELLY SHOES!!! I don't know about you, but I was a fanatic about these when I was little.. and guess what, they are still AWESOME. You need some. is full of them. All different sizes and prices. (Just make sure if you order the online that you measure your foot size with a ruler, while standing up. Then cross-reference the size with the other country's size systems, just to be sure.) Go for it. I can wait;)

After that little surprise, off to finish getting ready to leave with my dad to go to a monthly songwriter's meeting. Many people had lots of wonderful things to share! It was so beautiful. Everyone was contributing to other people's needs... the theme of today's meeting was to see which songs may become useable for congregational worship music. SO many ideas popped up! Very cool.

From there, my dad and I went to a "health event" at the Vitamin Shoppe. Much smaller and less involved than we imagined, but we met some nice people and got some cool samples:)

Then, I got to go meet my friend Sommer at a cute little coffee shop (you're totally welcome to look around their website, at that link) on beachside near where we both live. It's kind of the cutest shop ever. Or at least in the top 5. It was marvelous getting to spend time with my friend<3 Thankfully, we reminded ourselves while talking that our friendaversary is next Saturday! Yay for remembering things ahead of time... because I'm so good at that.. :P Also, the lady who works at the coffee shop said the owner (her mother) is experimenting with new vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar-free recipes... and I asked if they needed a taste tester... and she said yes. I'm pretty much ecstatic about the whole ordeal.

Then Sommer and I walked down the street to an antique store...which I have visited many times..and love very much:) The owners are great, and the place is fun to look around in. Today I got 3 glass bowls and a set of 4 plates that are just too cute!! I also won an internal battle over buying an awesome stove, which could totally be the cutest entryway or side table ever.. aw man.. the battle rages on........

P.S. This is where I tried a snack I had packed with me. You are reading this because it was SO STINKIN GOOD that it made me just smile. Several times. You have a right to think things about me.. if those thoughts involve me with my walnut & honey spread sandwich with chocolate shavings. Then I don't care where I your thoughts or otherwise. That sandwich+me=happy ;)

From there, I met my mom at a thrift store. We don't shop at thrift stores. We are no good at it. But, both being determined, we found a good number of adorable baskets I will be using as "drawers" on a book shelf we found in the garage that is not in use... so that someone who is moving to college can have the blessing of not lugging a dresser into a small apartment. Bookshelf+baskets=cuter and more efficient than a dresser. Think about it.. Plus, it was very fun spending the time with my mom<3 <3

And tthhheeeennn... off to home. Internet went crazy. Had leftover spaghetti bake for dinner. Decided to try it as the filling for lettuce wraps. I don't care how weird you think that is. It is DELICIOUS.

BUT THEN THE GRAND FINALE: Sitting at the dining room table, enjoying a snack of a chocolate protein shake and a peanut butter-banana bowl, a frantic knock was pounded on our door. All of us in the family who were nearby were confused.. but there again the knocking came, and then we look at the glass front door and notice whoever it is is definitely pressed against the door... We open the door.. Three very frightened women pile in, shouting/pointing "BEAR!" Across the street in our neighborhood. I look out the door and see a 6 foot (no kidding) black bear meandering around the neighbor's yard and eating the trash. So there's the bear the home owner's association sent a warning about. And my camera is not cooperating with the dusk/evening lighting. So no evidence. Awesome. Certainly my day must be complete at this point.

Nope. Then a lady from a frozen yogurt shop calls me and asks about setting up an interview..and I have been waiting on this call for 3 weeks.. And then another lady who I ran into at Starbucks last week (crazy blessing story) texts me abuot another interview/info meeting about a buisness she's involved in!

Yep, it was a crazy day. Kinda fantastic though, so I'm all for it;)

Anyways... how was your day???

Ciao for now!

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