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Friday, June 28, 2013

Nuts and Milk

Ciao everyone!

Are you a breakfast person?

I've heard every answer to that question for yes to no to sometimes to coffee-only to hobbit-size-meal every day.

Personally, I don't like eating much if anything in the mornings.. but I do enjoy the flavors and fun of classic "breakfast" themed meals.

As much as that is true, I'm also not a super big cereals person....

But I do love nuts:)

So... I got to thinking...

Nuts, good. Soggy cereals, also good... Soaked nuts, very good...Hmm...

So how about.......

Very good indeed! And, of course, only one thing could make something like this better.....COCOA:)
Nuts and Milk
1/3-3/4 cup non-dairy milk (depending how milk-y you like cereal type meals)
1/2 scoop of your favorite good-tasting protein powder
1 teaspoon agave or honey or stevia
1/4 cup nuts of choice
Optional (but not really): cocoa powder or cinnamon (if not doing cocoa)

1) Combine milk, protein, and sweetener together. Mix in cocoa/cinnamon if desired
2) Add in nuts
3) Enjoy:)

Ciao for now:)

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