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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pinterest and My Sister

Ciao everyone!

I have a story for you. But I promise that it will quickly move into your funny moment for the day.

Once upon a time, a small group of people by the names of Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp decided to create an incredible thing... and they named it Pinterest.

It's amazing, and wonderful, and addicting. (Yes, I'm an avid pinner.. though not as bad as I was at first:P )

And somewhere along the line, as I was pinning, I began dropping hints in my sister's head that she needed a Pinterest. Mostly because I would keep seeing things that totally reminded me of her.

But she refused. Claimed it was "too popular" and she "didn't want it". because she could just look around when necessary, for specific links. And she proceeded to keep her ground on the subject...

I did not agree. So I made her So I made her a board on my account in my account, to keep track of things I already knew she'd like...

And then finally, she broke. (Haha I feel like an evil queen.. but not really. More like a clever elf)..

And the place where this story meets the funny intersection this post was meant to be themed on is right here---->she made me my own board on her account to track the funny or great or fantastic things she comes across, that remind her of me;)

It's a superbly enjoyable pinning relationship!

Here are some examples (of the specifically funny ones)..

And here are some on my board for her:

Ciao for now:)

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