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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Wind and the Sun (and other topics)

Ciao everyone!

How was your day today? Did any great discovery happen for you?

Or, if not, can you remember the feeling of your last one?

If not, I encourage you to spend time in musings and thoughts. Many wonderful things can happen that way. Inventions are thought up, brilliance shines through, mental cogs and springs and wheels practice their use, and make you sharper in other areas of life..

Before going any further, I would just like to note something about a man who certainly spent time exercising his creative mind-ness..

Today is the birth date of Maurice Sendak; he would have been 85. He was a writer and illustrator, specifically for children's books.. and long list thereof, including "Where the Wild Things Are" and "In the Night Kitchen".

But now I have another story to talk about...

Have you ever heard the story of The Wind and the Sun? (By the way, that title is a link if you would like to read it!)

I remember hearing it several times over my younger years, and loving it... but never quite understanding it.

Now, granted, I never actually looked it up before today... but a couple of days ago I had an epiphany about a direct manifestation of this intriguing addition in Aesop's Fables...

The simple correlation, which I was delighted to discover is the actual accepted meaning, is that "gentle persuasion is stronger than force". But when  I came upon this idea, it was more in the form of a specific example.

Most people are familiar with the term "putting up a wall", and what that plays out to be in the life of a person, whether it be yourself or otherwise.

Now, imagine there is a person who, for years of reasons, has layered a thicker-than-cement-blocks wall around every inch of themselves. Yet, for whatever reason, you feel the pull or calling to try to reach them on the inside.

You can try this in one of two ways: 1, act like an exited puppy of a person and try every way of getting to them, which will expend lots of energy while lacking results, or 2, gently and slowly whisper in their direction and simply offer words/acts of kindness, like a gentle breeze or ebbing flow of the waves on a late summer's eve...

Which do you think will work out better in the end?

Exactly. That is the meaning of Aesop's Fable, The Wind and the Sun..

Writing prompt for the day:
Write a fable, with attention to relaying a specific message

Ciao for now:)

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