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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Wild Soul", Langhorne Slim & The Law

Ciao everyone!!

This song is called "Wild Soul" by Langhorne Slim & The Law.

I had never actually even heard of this band before two days ago, when I found a link to this song in a post on this blog:

It was in her post about honeysuckle syrup... which not only sounds delicious, but is also one of the most freaking adorable concepts I've ever heard of. Or maybe the adorability had more to do with her story of her sweet time with a friend and sister, spending time together...

(And I may be partial to sister fun-time stories.. since I so love those opportunities with my own sister.. :] )

So, this is also to say, go check her blog out! It's pretty awesome:)

Anyway, this band is made up of Langhorne Slim and other friends..

He was a singer/songwriter in the 1980s, and his sound is most closely labeled as folk rock.. which, to be honest, is kind of ironic to me.. because usually I do not tend toward that style as much.

But this song is cool! So go listen. And enjoy:)

"Wild Soul", Langhorne Slim & The Law


Ciao for now!

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