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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quick Fruity Oatmeal To-Go

Ciao everyone!

SO, if you haven't noticed from previous posts in recent years, I have made a life-discovery.

Life is insanely busy, and you will lose your mind, heart, and peace if you don't make time to organize your thoughts, spend ample time caring about/for people around you, and striving after God's ways ALWAYS.

And honestly, if you're doing all three of those things, you won't have time for frivolity and the wasting of precious times outside of that + work and/or school.

Of course, this subject is worthy of wiser words than my own, and more serious thought than what I'm about to wrap it up with.

But it's me, not C.S. Lewis, and though I believe writing and thoughtfulness could also work here, I will instead just provide you with a yummy recipe that's so quick that your mind will be blown.

How did I discover it? Well.. let's say it was a crazy day and I forgot that checklist above. But thank the Lord that He makes good things come even of my mistakes..

Even if, to me, the only good thing at the moment might be some fruity oatmeal:) Ha!

This recipe is perfect for a quick snack or lunch.. ya know, the ones you pack at 7 AM and pray you have time to eat at some point between then and 3?

Quick Fruity Oatmeal To-Go
Old-fashioned rolled oats
Frozen fruit of choice

1) Put desired amount of oats in a bowl. 
2) Layer frozen fruit over it.
3) Cover and let sit for a few hours (preferably in some sort of cooler environment).
4) By the time you get to it, most likely the fruit will be melty and the juices will have soaked into the oats, making a delicious situation:)


Ciao for now

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