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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Wrap

Ciao everyone!!!

Ooohhh Mmyyy Wwooorrddd..

Have you ever accidentally come across a ridiculous combination that just makes you literally want to jump for joy??

Like several times in a row? Repeatedly..

And then you take another bite because you're like "I'm crazy. It can't be thhhaaatt good."

Except then you find yourself excalaiming outloud to yourself that it really IS that good??

That happens every so often.. Rarely, but occassionally...

Well, this recipe is one of those times. No lie, this stuff is crazy.

Yes, I realize it's kind of a sodium bomb. But in all honesty, a person who is eating very clean and mostly fresh foods very well may need the extra sodium boost every now and again. In any event, your very happy mind will thank you. A few hundred times.

I know mine does every time I make this!

 Happy Wrap!!!
Your favorite tortilla-style wrap (for this, my favorite is the spinach Flat-out wrap) (P.s., The picture above is only with half of the wrap)
Good handful spinach
Good dollop of non-fat Greek yogurt
Good spoonful of homemade peanut butter
Banana peppers (or pickles)
Black pepper

Pile on ingredients and enjoy! Oh so good:)

Ciao for now!


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