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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jewelery from the Sea

Ciao everyone!!

Do you love the beach??

I honestly can't say that I do, if it implies long hot days on sticky sand under a sweaty sun with salty water:P

But if you will allow the description to bend to the other side, with breezy days and a setting sun along a lazy shoreline... then I LOVE THE BEACH.

The ocean is so incredible.. such a beautiful and vast example of the greatness of the GOD who created it!!!

And then there are the seashells..

OH MY GOODNESS the seashells...

Ever since I was little, they have not ceased to fascinate me.

All of the shapes and sizes and colors and textures...

And so, here is a post about something I made during the winter holiday season from these Jewels of the Sea.

I carefully "drilled" little holes, using  safety pin. Added some pearl-beads, jewelery wire, and voila!!

I am posting the pictures so you can do it too, if you so desire:)

 (Left, hoop earrings)
(Right, a three layer shell necklace, on a silver chain, connected by a tied piece of jewelery wire that was threaded through a small hole at the top of each shell, again using the safety pin-drilling method)

(Left, a jewelery set built off of the necklace above. The bracelet is connected by jewelery wire through the pin-drilled holes. The earrings were made the same as the necklace and bracelet. The ring was shaped into a heart by gently chipping it to shape and then hot glued to a ring-shape molded, double wrapped wire.)

Ciao for now!

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