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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Revelations Commentary

Ciao everyone!

Here is one of the first books from my reintroduction to the lovely world of the library<3

This commentary on the book of Revelation has been very helpful to me in understanding a few things. It was written by J. Massyngberde Ford.

Of course, like any commentary, one should always take the words "with a grain of salt" and not just breathe in every word until having researched the verasity of statements/deductions made through Scriptural backup.

The good thing about this commentary is that it gives a host of Scriptural references to look up and give further understanding to the Revelation texts, even if you might find something slightly different than Mr. Ford has deducted. 

The downside is that it references a few extra-Biblical texts and tries to explain the Scripture through those sources.. but those times are not as plentiful as the dialogue based on actual Bible references.

All in all, it has been extremely helpful!

Ciao for now

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