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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vitamins and Minerals Handbook, Amanda Ursell

Ciao everyone!!

Yeah, I know.

That sounds like the most boring blog post title ever.

But if you somehow magically superceeded the strangeness of the title, and the craziness factor of the rest of this blog's posts, and are now reading this, then I have a little nugget of curiousness for you today..

Just a simple book. A very curious one, indeed.

It is pretty much a thorough rundown of most of the vitamins and minerals humans know of, that are important/helpful to life.

I really did enjoy getting to see the benefits, names, sources, and deficiency signals for each one--in a nicely organized, side-by-side comaparison fashion. It was rather helpful. :)

That is all for today

Ciao for now!

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