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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do Your Hair

Ciao everyone!

How is your summertime going?? Are fun plans happening for you??

Summer is a funny time to me. It's like you're either insanely bored or insanely busy AT ALL TIMES.

However, I must backtrack to note one thing... in my house, throughout all my years of growing up, my mom would tell my sister and me that she didn't believe in boredom. And if we ever said that we were bored outloud in front of her, it was a sure ticket to a list of chores that needed to be done...

Now, at first (at the time) it seemed ridiculous. But now that I have been trained in that way and become used to the mindset, it's actually pretty great. Literally never feel bored... ever. A quiet moment is something to savor... literally..

With all that being said, I realize that there are still days where there is less to do, and you may be looking for something fun, no matter how small and simple it may seem.

If you are a girl and/or like to do hair, here is an idea!!

Explore your abilities! Think of new styles and go crazy, whether on yourself or a friend or a sibling or a mother. Here are two ideas that my sister and I tried out, just for an example..

 For this one, Mel braided my hair as if it were a French braid, but going up around my head.. and then pinned it to stay in place. It was a very cool idea, in my opinion:)

And here on the left... literal hair bow! Literally awesome:)

Now, I will readily admit that it may not have been as cleanly done as it could be...but I am not the talented hair person... But she liked it anyway<3 And plus, it was just fun:) haha

Anyways, I hope that sparks some creativity and productive boredom-shatterings.

Ciao for now!

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